Thursday, 21 April 2016


yesterday real madrid played villareal at the santiago bernebau . the game had some importance about it in many ways . first liverpool villareal's europa league opponent were playing at the same time in other game . real madrid needed to keep winning since earlier barcelona had thrashed their opponent in the league game and last but not the least that a win would give moral boosting win to either team in the run up to the major games next week . in the reverse fixture earlier in the season villareal had given the first shock to the beintez's real regime so the game had some expectations about it .
to be honest i not that aware about villareal's lineup and i just watched the first hour of the game . glad that the game didnt took an unexpected turn and proved any unexpected result at the end . real started with 4-3-3 formation while villareal started with their usual 4-4-2 formation . their are only few points that need to talked about in the this game . villareal were set up to defend their box . they formed two banks off four and defended very narrow to deny any spaces in the middle to exploit . they also played deep so as not have space for the front three to run behind the back four . real too played deep they kept bakambu and adrian in their front and both varane and ramos started on the goal side of the front two . most importantly real enjoyed numbers superiority in the middle of the park where they had three compared to villareal's two .
first off never really had the game plan or else their game plan does depends on how well deniss suarez and their forwards perform and not how well the team play or execute the plan . the players just couldnt decide as to what they need to do with the ball and whom should they pass or from which zone should they start the attack . they seem spending time and it was compounded with real having numbers superiority in the middle of the park . so whenever ball came in the middle of the park it was aggressively pressed by real . but the sad thing about villareal was that they just didnt had the necessary plan as to what they need to do to counter real . another problem was that villareal's forwards never worked in tandem . now in the game between milan and juventus i had highlighted the fact that the front two needs to be on same wavelength . they need to be in tandem . the best teams do have forwards on same page and they play off each other . bakambu and adrian were never on the same page . i think villareal's main offense comes from dennis suarez's zone and how well does he plays and gets the penetration with his runs and dribbling ability . yesterday was not his day villareal were not able to provide the possible support that suarez requires to work his magic  . villareal's players just could play around suarez . their main vice was that they were spending too much time on the ball allowing real to close them down or the next player whom they would pass the ball . this ball stalling comes when the team is not well drilled in terms of offense and is dependent on player quality rather than on team interplay which the coach invisions . the midfield were not able to support the forward and wide players and most importantly they just made wrong choices on the ball .
real may have won the game and zidane may get the plaudits for the win just as he got it for the win over wolfsburg in return leg but the overall teams display wont satisfy any coach . especially his star player who cannot get the better in one on one situations . first thing about real is that they are still are not able to bring benzema into play . they are not able to play off benzema or bring into main paying role . the team is still playing like it used to play under ancelotti and there is no crispness in the play . i had said this earlier zidane had switched ronaldo's position and has brought him more into play and given him more off the ball but to be honest i think he has forgotten to be a wide player and is now a out an out forward and it would be better to play him that way . where on he is at the end of things rather than to be creating things .