Monday, 4 January 2016


Now yesterday valencia played real madrid at their home .day befor the game gary neville was interviwed by sky sports where on he was sceptical of remaining long time in management . after the last game neville would had been criticized with the way villareal outplayed them in every department of the game.
yesterday's game by valencia was a positive step in terms of their progress under gary neville . they are making progress that can be said but are far from a finish product or say a very good side . from the game against villareal neville made changes he changed the formation as well as changed the personal . against villareal he played a negative 5-3-2 . here he started the game with a 4-1-4-1 formation . some can say that it was 4-3-3 but it looked more like the latter to me . neville had barragan,santos,abdenour and orban at the back . while perejo was stationed in front of the back four. gomes and danillo were on either side of him but pushed upfield  towards  alcacer who was lone at the top . Rodrigo De Paul and concelo were on the left and right of alcacer . real madrid started with the 4-3-3 system .they had danillo,pepe,ramos and marcelo at the back . kross,moric and kovacic made the middle three with bale benzema and ronaldo at the top .
The started with a good pace and it was played with a good pace till the end . real madrid were sitting back and were playing at the break they were trying to break valencia in the midfield and hit them on the counter . now what is the difference between benitez's team and the team playing under ancelotti then there seems to not lot of difference between them . the tactics too seems to be the same with team sitting back and hitting the opposition on the counter . to be honest benitez like to have the ball . they like to pass the ball around and draw opposition out of position and exploit that . in the entire match real madrid that once in the first half when ronaldo was put through behind the back four . otherwise all through the whole match they played like the old ancelotti team . they passed the ball from wing to wing  trying to stretch the opposition so that it can create space for bale and ronaldo to run in . expect for the first few games benitez hadnt been able to stamp his mark on the team .
valencia on the other had are still developing under neville . it was a good performance from the individuals in the team but still there are certain aspects that needs to be answered . but overall what i had saw that he made the corrections during the game when he saw the weakness in his formation being exploited . perejo was playing in front of the back four and both gomes and danillo were pushed up and it was leaving quite a bit of space on the either side of perejo and madrid seem to exploiting that in the game . perejo on the other hand nobody to partner to cover that space in front of the back four and there was a lot of space to exploit for madrid to explore . the weakness in valencia's rank is that the back two dont have great space and they like other centrebacks like to hold their shape and let the player come on the him rather than go and close him down . this gives  the player in the hole time on the ball and he can cause probles . but unfortunately madrid never had any player in the hole they were too flat and benitez lacked the acumen to exploit that space . valencia like to play from the back and they like to play through perejo who is the instigator of all their offense . madrid had marked that and benitez asked one of three midfielder who will be furthest up to go and close down perejo . valencia could had payed dearly cause perejo lost the ball couple and it was some last ditch defending which save perejo's embaressment .
now why i was praising neville was because intially there was only perejo infront of the back four and it was insufficient . he asked gomes to come and partner perejo in front of the back four . secondly madrid right back danillo was getting quite an amount of space on the right wing and this because rodrigo was getting inside and it was creating lot of space for danillo to run on the side line . neville disciplined rodrigo and in the second half danillo didnt had that joy which he has initially in the first half . the shape was quite better in the second half compared to first half .
the big problem for valencia is that they played alcacer upfront and they never played played to his strength . yes his positioning was quite important and his positioning did created space for gomes and other to exploit but the big question does remains about his involvement on offense and it does reflects in the no. of touches that he had and the chances that he had . alcacer likes to run behind the defense but madrid playing deep meant that he had little space to run behind . plus ramos and pepe kept in front of him and started a yard on the goal side of alcacer . secondly the crosses that madrid played from wide were high ones they should had been low ones which gives alcacer a chance on the high crossess you cannot expect him to beat pepe and ramos . alcacer should be played to his strength and his mobility needs to utilized better by neville . neville does  has to work on this aspect as to which striker he needs to play . whether he needs to play alcacer or negredo .
for valencia gomes particularly shone through this game . his touch and dribble were very good and his runs also were very good . plus the performance of cancelo and rodrigo too would had been given great satisfication for neville . but the big factor does remains as to what his game plan needs to be . he needs to have that and certain individual performance will not help his team all the time but a better game plan. at times when perejo had the ball he really didnt know as to what he needs to do next . perejo was always in two minds as to where he needs to pass and who he needs to pass the ball . secondly he needs have more than one ( perejo) who should move the ball upfield  and that responsibility distributed .  real madrid could had made valencia pay .valencia upfield playes need to have better postioning sense when they move the ball from back to front . at times perejo would see no option and would pass the ball to centre backs and they would be forced to punt .  neville's wing play is good but it is not getting to a fruitful end . it is because he was not able to bring alcacer into the game . all and all neville must be analysing the game and i think a better performance next time around .