Monday, 25 January 2016


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now yesterday juventus played roma at their home . juventus acheived success last season with their 4-3-3 formation but this season they have switched to 3-5-2 and were struggling at the start of their season but they have turn around their season and have put 11 straight victories this season . while roma just have sacked their manager and are getting used to new manager methods . spaletti had been here before and this is his second stint .
 juventus started with chilleni,ponucci and barzaglli in the back three with evra and Lichtsteiner as the full backs . while marchisio,pogba and khedira were in the middle with marchisio in front of the back four . dybala and manzukic were in the front two . while for roma started with the 3-4-3 but switched to 4-4-1-1 through the first half and there was a reason for that . roma had dzeko up front with salah and Nainggolan on the either wings . while prajnic ,Vainqueur ,florenzi and digne were the middle four . while rudiger,de rossi and manolas were in the back three .
now the game started the game with a decent pace with roma sitting back and trying to hit back juve on the counter . now roma have a new coach and he has new ideas as to how the team needs to play . initially roma held a bit high line with considerable space between the lines . roma had three against one at the back with dzeko battling the back three . the trouble was that with prajnic and Vainqueur sitting in front of the back four and not coming out of their postions to close down marchisio and stop his from spreading the ball . the thing was juventus even though were dominant were not playing that high and were playing deep and stretching the game . in the first 10 to 15 min marchisio had the freedom and time on the ball as he had no opposing player . spaletti realised this and switched Nainggolan from the wings to mark marchisio and mark him and stop his spreading the ball and stop juve to play from the back .now the thing is that even though if you mark marchisio juve have ponucci who can play very decent passes from the back and he produced one to spot dybala making a run behind the back four and had been not an offside it would had cost roma . the other things that was troubling roma was that roma had too much space between the lines and time and again dybala ,kehdira and pobga were getting time on the ball in between the lines but the trouble was that juventus were not able to capitalise on that . another thing is that rudiger comes out of the defense to close down dybala but he seems to be in two minds whether to come out with the man or stay in the back three . most importantly he seems to be last coming out and gets played around and leaves a space to explot which spaletti needs to address .
in the second half spaletti made the necessary changes and reduced the gap between the line . plus roma started to play a little deeper plus they reduced the space between their player but on the offense they still  struggled . now roma's offense depends on dzeko and salah but here he had no players who run beyond dzeko plus roma depend on salah's movement and runs but here he was very heavily guarded by juventus and it can be said that he was marked out of the game . he was never given time and space on the ball to do the half turn and in the first half roma didnt had any joy with the ball . they improved in the second half where they some joy over the ball they had some possession and moved the ball .but the bad thing was that there was no no.10 in the roma who would control the game for them . secondly if they made more that 3 passes and didnt move the ball upfield then they would losse the ball . roma did had some corners but they never troubled buffon and infact he didnt had to do anything in the entire match. even though juventus had such a hefty possession but they too never could carve out a clear cut chance for them and most of them were shot from distance and the goal came from a counter attack rather than a carved out chance .
to be honest pogba is touted as the best young midfielders in the world . to be honest if he is to the best then he needs to control the tempo of the game and make the game revolve around himself and try to get beyond the striker . he is played on the left side and is offered the space where on dybala and manzukic take the positions on the right side so that pogba can work his magic . i think allegeri needs to make him understand the game better . he comes near the box and he either crosses or takes a shot .it would be better if starts playing some short passing game try to have more penetration in the box . he is very good technically but needs to assert himself more on the game .
juventus totally dominated the game but were not able to create clear cut chances and were kept at bay by roma for much of the game . allegeri needs to refine his offense . for roma other than dzeko and salah they dont have any offense and will always struggle if those two are kept quite so it would be better for spaletti if he finds a way that the team can find some offense from other players .