Monday, 5 October 2015


now yesterday bayern played dortmund at home . bayern started with the 3-3-1-3  or you can say 3-4-3 formation while dortmund started with the 4-3-3 formation . bayern had martinez,boetang and alaba in the back three while alonso played in front of the back three . while thiago and lahm played on the left and right of alonso respectively . now why said 3-3-1-3 is because leawandowski was playing in more withdrawn role . muller was playing as the furtherst forward man while lewandowski was playing just behind muller . it has its own advantagous . the front three of bayern were muller with costa on left and gotze on the right .
dortmund started with the 4-3-3 formation with hummels and bender in the centre back role with sokratis on the right and Piszczek on the left . while the middle thee consist of gundogan,weigl and castro . the front three consist of mikhitarian,kagawa and abumeyang .
now bayern started the game with playing high line and pressing dortmund . now the first scarce of the game was to bayern when they survived the diagonal run from abumenyang who was released by mikhitarin behind the bayern back three . now both the teams played a high line to try and squeeze the game and press the opposition but the effectiveness that was there in bayern pressing was not there in dortmunds pressing . the reason being dortmund waited for bayern to bring the ball into midfield and then press . instead bayern ball got the ball quickly to costa and gotze and push dortmund back .now dortmund were playing a high line but as soon as gotze or costa got the ball they dropped back in the box and denied the space between back four and the goal keeper ( atleast they did this good . ) dortmunds shape to defend was actually very good where there was little space between the lines for munich to exploit . weigl and gundogan held very good position ahead of the back four so that there was little space for munich to work . there was space for munich on flanks for costa and gotze but dortmund didnt go chasing instead they let gotze and costa and come onto them and let them cross and defend rather than played around .
while dortmund had their own offense. they tried to play out from the back which is why bender was played in the back four with hummels because of his ball playing ability since bayern are doing the same as dortmund on defense . dortmund were trying to get the ball quickly to mikhitarian or abumeyang . either of them will try to release them behind the back three through diagonal balls .dortmund were nearly successfull  in that and alaba took the card to stop abumeyang . now the trouble with dortmund was that while bayern were able to bring all the elements into play dortmund were unable to bring castro and kagawas into play . whenever dortmund used to work the ball to abumeyang and mikhitarian who would get press eventually . they would pass the ball back but then dortmund were not able to work the ball to them and would eventually loosed possession . i had an obvious difficulty to work out as to what was castro's role in the team . i thought that the space that bayern offered in front of the back three will be exploited since it was only guarded by alonso and dortmund could drop somebody into that space and exploit .
now its very easy to criticize touchel but i think he has got a plan and now i think he has seen the flaws in it . mikhitarian and abumeyang are the two main players in his system and two were responsible in destroying leverkusen . touchel could be seen gesturing to the team to play diagonal ball and make diagonal runs . dortmund goal was the perfect example of the thing that was supposed to be done by dortmund and the way they passed the exploited the narrowness of bayern defense by stretching it and exploiting the space behind back three . now he obviously has to figure out as to how he fixes his flaws . dortmund suffered because they were not pressing that aggressively as bayern
were doing and touchel still has to work out as how his players will work out when  pressed and take their positons . the first goal came because dortmund played a high line and didnt press bayern that faster and dortmund were all over the place . muller first went wide for a decoy and made the diagonal run and the dortmund were open . two of the five goals came from balls from the back . the third goal came from a counter when dortmund lost possession and bayern turned it into a counter . to be honest dortmund were in the game till the half time but as soon as the third goal was scored i think dortmund just dropped the fight and accepted the fate and you could see them just giving up in the last 15 min .
the second half did showed as to how much gaurdiola thinks the game like chess just as dortmund the score and the space between the lines and mikhitarian come over there . he changed the system by dropping lahm as the right back and changing the system from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3 and giving ample protection at the back while getting more bodies in the middle by shifting thiago with alonso . thiago had a good personal duel with gundogan in the game and he was the one responsible largely to keep gundogan quite . this season bayern had become more direct with costa and gotze in recent matches . he has stopped tryning to outplay the oppisiton out of the game . instead it is much more direct now for bayern now .