Monday, 26 October 2015


now the anlysis of the game is on  espn and the lineups are all there so i would just present my take . now first of all you had said that schneiderlin and schweni were passing the ball sideways . now the central area was very congested . now only fernandiniho and fernando were there but you could see that toure too was dropping deep and trying to congest the space in the middle . infact it was the first time that city were giving utd respect but sitting back and playing on the counter or else it would be other way around on all times untill now . the numbers were not there for utd in the middle and more so utd had better player at the wings like martial and valencia who are better runners and are good in one on one situation . if you had seen utd tried to release to rooney in the channels but rooney just couldnt keep the ball . part may be because he has lost considerable weight compared to time when he used to play there so the physical battle wasnt his strong suit plus i agree he is technically very poor ,cant use two foot and let an open ally for the defender to nick the ball off him .
 second was that mata was having very less area to work with . if you had watched closely then you would had seen that mata was closed down very quickly by fernandiniho  or toure whenever he had the ball . they were not letting him anytime on the ball . but i do have reservations about mata on the offense he never sticks on the wings so that wing he plays  is compromised so that utd cannot fully stretch their opponents . he needs too many touches and too much time on the ball . in the match he even once conceded the possession and had to take the card to stop the counter .
now about rooney who was awful . yes no doubt that he was awful and yes technically hopeless but van gal also knows this . now if you had watched real this season why not make rooney play ronaldo why not let him move and join the attack and stretch the defense . secondly why keep martial binded to one postion i mean mata has the lisence to come inside and join the attack then why not martial . just think how dangerous he will be if he is the lisence to roam . the defense will be on  its toes as to whether he will remain wide or cut inside and that in turn can create space for player like schweni and herrera who are good enough to use it .
now about city . you have  to note that schneiderlin was kepping good tap on toure and did disposses him a couple of times so an individual battle was going in the middle over there .  you blamed toure but i think the plan was correct to take the ball wide and then try to find toure or bony on the cross but credit has to be given to rojo and valencia. who just didnt gave any joy to KDB and and sterling on the ball . .  they  just eat them in the tracks .  i think playing valencia was a very good decision by LVG . he must have watched or taken suggestion from giggs who must had told had him as to how valencia had eaten sterling previously and i havent found  any player who had beaten valencia . for me toure was playing too deep and was mainly concerned with utd rather than thinking about city's offense . plus utd kept good tab on bony who was coming wide to help the offense but smalling didnt offered him time on the ball and came out of the defense and didnt let any time on the ball for bony . but little blame can be put on toure because he wasnt able to properly help sterling and KDB . 

Sunday, 25 October 2015


now yesterday celtavigo played madrid . now before i start the analysis i just want to say that the real president florentino perez is very fond of beautiful football but the three big name managers that he had appointed under him had  the team playing on the counter rather than playing beautiful football which perez desires . mouriniho' team was all counter attacking and when opposition sits back and asked them open up then they struggled to open them up . ancelotti's team was no different and can be put in that category . while i had watched real this term and i find that they are not going to any different . the tactics are different which i will talk about next .
now yesterday celtavigo and real madrid started the the game with the same formation with both playing 4-3-3 . let me be honest but i was watching celtavigo for the first time do it was difficult for me to get to know their players . i only knew aspas a couple of times at liverpool while i had watched nolito in the spain game . so those players with wass who was the only pure blonde on the pitch was disctinct to me . now real had danillo,varane,ramos and marcelo in the back four . while casmiero in the front of the back four with kross on the left while modric on the right side . jesse,ronaldo and vasquez were the front three . while for celtavigo nolito,aspas and orellana in the front with hernandez ,wass and fernandez in the middle three while the back four consisted of mallo ,jonny ,cabral and gomez in the back four .
the game started with real starting to press celtavigo and hitting them on the counter . now even though real's midfield and the front three were pressing but the real back four were not coming that high they were much deeper than the paris game . they would come with the player but were not trying to play a high line and let celtavigo have space behind the back four to explore since both aspas and nolito do have decent space . while on the other hand celtavigo also were playing deeper . they like to stretch the game since the space they can create they can use and they use it well . celtavigo players are very good on the ball . they are very comfortable on it and dont get bogged in one on one situation . madrid on the other had wanted to press celtavigo and start the counter under benitez the team has really started to take shape . what real were doing in this match was that real were moving the ball from the flanks . there preference was on the left since jesse, kross and marcelo there with ronaldo dropping to stretch the back four and get one of the centre backs to come with him and disrupt the back four . while lucas vasquez too would come and cross over and join attack trying to overload the flank . now on one such occasion real were lucky to get the ball from back to front  since celtavigo were pressing  intensely . jesse moved the ball from the left while ronaldo made a channel run from centre to wide and crossed the ball to ronaldo who finished brilliantly fooling the defender with his run.
celtavigo too had a good offense . nolito was remaining high up the pitch on the left . he first set up orellana in the space between the line . now when  you watch the game you could see that there was considerable amount of space between real back four the middle three which celtavigo were not able to explore . nolito at times can be said that he gets over selfish and tries the shot rather than crossing for the player who are in  better position . orellana was constantly coming inside and getting in the position in between the line  where on he was constantly causing trouble for real madrid . at times aspas was coming deep to help in moving the ball . but none of the back four were coming out with him . i think casmiero's game reading needs to improved since he constantly trying to press but should also conside whether he is leaving space which can be explored by the opposition .
the second goal from real madrid was the same like the first but the addition was vasquez had moved into one zone and  it left the right zone completely open which let to danillor running clear of nolito his opposite number and scoring the goal . real moved the ball very well in triangles wth marcelo and jesse being in top form . danillo wasnt getting proper defensive attention from nolito who seem to very lazy on defensive duties . after the first the goal real had dropped deep while after the second goal real just relaxed and allowed celtavigo the ball and instead of pressing sat back and hold the shape and countered . celtavigo had some decent chances and navas made some very good saves but the game was over on 57" min when cabral saw the red card for protesting . i think the ref just lost it and made the game hopeless .
now aspas was playing as the centre forward for so the aerial battle was lost . he cannot outjump varane and ramos on any day . while real moved the ball perfectly as a team .celtavigo were dependent on orellana and nolito majorly to open up the oppostion while orellana showed flexibility in his positioning and nolito kept on stretch real i think aspas should had done more . i think real countered celtavigo and aspas very well . they played deep and played aspas in front of them rather than letting him on the shoulder for his trademark run . by playing deep they denied him the space to run. now this is where aspas has short comings and that is why he never was successful at liverpool because he cannot link properly with his wingers and create space for them . i think it would be perfect that they look for plan b other than aspas when he cannot be effective . 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


now yesterday arsenal played bayern munich at their home . arsenal started with a 4-2-3-1 combination or say 4-4-1-1 on defense while munich started with 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3  . now even though munich started with 4-3-3 their formation was quite fluid .
arsenal had bellerin,mrtasacker,koscilny and monreal in the back four with czorla and coquelin in front of the back four . sanchez ,ozil and ramsey started behind walcott who was playing as a lone striker . while bayern started with lahm,boetang,alaba and bernat in the back four with alonso in front of the back four . while muller,thiago,vidal and costa played in behind lewandowski .
now bayern started by playing a high line while arsenal started the game by sitting deep with two banks of four and even ozil dropping to help the middle four to make the numbers . so arsenal were trying to sit deep and soak munich's pressure and hit them on the counter .arsenal were playing pretty compact but still bayern were able to find space between the lines plus bayern had space on the flanks since bellerin and monreal were not told to go and chase costa and muller since they let kosicelny and merta
sacker exposed . so they were very conservative on the defense.  they had the first meaningful chance of the game at 7 min when on walcott scuffed his shot from inside the box . now in the bayern formation muller was hugging the touch line trying to stretch the defense while thigo was dropping in besides muller with lahm   on the right flank trying to overload it and carve out an opening through that zone . another thing that bayern were doing was that lewandowski wasnt staying on shoulders of the last defender but instead was coming deep and collectiong the pass and trying to run on the defenders . he was particularly doing this against mertasacker who is not good and on occasion was saved by bellerin when lewandowski had nearly runed in the box and was ready to pull the trigger . now lewandowski was coming deep but mertasacker wasnt coming out of the defense to close him down but staying in his position and maintaining the shape and discipline. now thigo and lewandowksi and thiago were constantly finding space between the lines and on such space he and muller nearly carved out an opening . bayern were all over arsenal in the first half .
another angle of bayern attack was through costa and his direct running . now costa's crosses had been one of the success for bayern this season but here he wasnt crossing in behind the back four but was trying to cross between the lines and find somebody in between the lines . now arsenal were trying to play on the counter attack and even in the first half bellerin was one who was on the forefront with his running on the counter with him getting beyond ramsey on the counter .
the important aspect of bayern game was way they controlled the tempo of the game .now on 35 min arsenal created the best chance of the half through monreal crossing to walcott who's shot was blocked by neur .  now after this bayern just slowed the game and made just steamed the flow of arsenal's counter . now arsenal took the initiative after this and were trying to press bayern for the first time in the match first time and nearly caught neur .
now in the second half bayern changed the formation with muller trying to run behind the back four with arsenal playing slightly up . now in the second half bayern changed their personal with vidal going wide and costa coming in and trying to run on the back four while muller making runs behind the back four from wide positions but they were content on shooting from distance . they were blessed with some chances with individual mistakes by some arsenal players who were not ready to release the ball early  and nearly paying for it .
bayern changed alonso and vidal on the 71  min and arsenal sensed a chance in that . with the change arsenal started pressing more and got the success on one of the free kicks and the second one was result of good game reading by bellerin who intercepted a pass to bernat and started the counter on which ozil scored .
now let me talk about the game in general although arsenal won the game but i think munich were the better team they controlled the tempo but were unable to penetrate arsenal's defense . arsenal need to do more if they are to show that they are a good team then they need to play good offense when they have the ball . they try to go too direct when on the counter when there in no continuation to that offense . instead when they have the ball they should try to make good decisions on the ball and should try to keep the ball and move the ball better and show that they are good ball playing team when they have the ball .there is no bad in sitting back and hitting on the counter but when you have the ball you need to show your class . there are some arsenal players who wont release the ball early which in turn helps the oppositon who can close them down or dispossess  them or they allow the opposition to regroup since the time you spend on the ball .  you slow down the game and in turn allow the opposition to regroup or dispossess you or the player whom you pass the ball . sanchez  gave the ball 3 times in his own half and could have cost arsenal the game . czorla too at times too is guilty of spending time on the ball and in turn giving up the possession or slowing the game . the best player in the game was ozil who made very good decisions on the ball he showed his class . let me tell on 65 min instead of going direct arsenal could have played the ball around and carved something out . atleast could had showed that they could play and keep the ball and can create chance when they have the ball . most importantly arsenal have the players who can pass and keep the ball and create problem for the oppostion . all and all a moral boosting win for arsenal but bayern will have to find answers and i think they will in the return match   .

Monday, 19 October 2015


now yesterday inter played juventus at the san siro . inter had 4-2-3-1 formation with icardi leading the line while jovetic,brozovic and perisic behind the icardi . melo and medel were in front of the back four which consisted of jesus,meruillo ,miranda and santon . while juventus started with the 3-5-2 formation with moratta and zaza upfront . while evara and cuadrado were wingbacks . marchisio played in front of the back four while pogba was on the left while khadeira was on the right . while the back three consisted of brazagali,bonucci and chiellini .
now the game started with a good pace with inter trying to press juve and start the counter . inter showed a good amount of energy for the first 20 min . they were playing a high line trying to press juve and making them play from the back . in this pressing the best chance of the first half to juve when inter tried to press juve worked the ball through zaza and passed it to cuadrado who he took  one too many touches to shoot the ball and scuffed the shot . while inter were pressing the ball and trying to  win it back juve werer sitting back and letting the ball come into the midfield and then press it . they were allowing inter's centre backs time and space on the ball and were not pressing them . instead waiting for the ball to come into the midfield and then press it aggesively . juve also were playing a deep line . but the real hero of the game was jovetic who was the real instigator and  creator of all the inter's offense . he was playing behind icardi and was combining very well with perisic . they were trying to overload the left flank since cuadrado was coming back on defense to mid line and then letting brazagali take on perisic rather than going on with him . jovetic was very good yesterday . he won all his individual battle . his positioning was very intelligent . he would start upfront but will come deep to collect the ball and start the offense . he was dribbling well and was the thorn in the juve's side . marchisio was the man who was suppose to mark him but not one time did marchisio  could win a one on one against jovetic . secondly jovetic's movement was the real headache for juve . they were uncertain as to whether he would come inside or go wide . his movement created space for perisic and inter's offense was all about him. the only drawback in the game was that jovetic didnt got the proper support from icardi . had icardi showed a little intelligence and imagination with his movement and ball playing quality then jovetic would had been able to have more penetration . while at time he had to be contend from taking the shots from out of the box .

now inter continued to press aggressively for the first 20 min but after that they too started to sit back and defend with numbers behind the ball . now on juve's offense cuadrado was getting the space on the right flank just because his defensive duties were shared with brazagali who would take his man when he  would come beyond half line . cuadrado was having the space because perisic was getting caught high on the pitch on offense while juan jesus was reluctant to come out of the back four so cuadrado had all the space and time on the ball . so when cuadrado had the ball allegri tried to stretch the defense by asking khadeira to go beyond cuadrado on the right flank and overload it . although juve were able to bring the ball upfront but they were unable to penetrate inter's defense . since inter had started to play deep . their middle line  and back four played a very good  defensive game and denied juve any space between the lines when the ball came deep on the flanks . in the first half miranda and co. not coming out of the back four to close down moratta who was coming deep and start the offense and help his midfield on possession and get it upfield . both of the teams were cancelling out each other in the midfield so at times they were going direct . in that muriello hit some good passes from the back four  to find jovetic .  but he could had payed for his smartness where he tried to dribble his opposite number and got caught early in the 2nd half .
now in the match for me inter lacked a smart centre forward who could had linked with jovetic and perisic while  juve lacked a proper no.10 ( tevez) . the 2nd half was like the first half and cuadrado's time spending on the ball was getting frustating . secondly he wasnt able to find a juve player in the box . because all of the juve's offense was from the right side . the best chance or move constructed by the juve was however from the left side by pogba and evara who combined nicely to get the ball deep into inter's box but again failed to find the finish .

now juve are playing 3-5-2 which they had been playing at the start of the season but they lack the quality in the side . khadeira is playing in vidal's position but to be honest he hasnt got the quality or guile while going forward because vidal  wouldnt just cross the ball but instead would look for alternatives and make better decisions . cuadrado needs to stop spending time on the ball while zaza has the energy but looks  more like a sasullo player . while juve too needs to help zaza they need to have player around him quickly when he has the ball and lesser his burden on the ball .
all and all the game was about jovetic who was the most electric player in this game . he was the player who carried inter and was the reason why inter had a decent offense and caused all the problem for juve but he lacked support from other players . if he could have that support from other players then i dont doubt that inter can be in the UCL next season .

Thursday, 15 October 2015


untill now the team had been carried by robben but his injury had been the major factor in dutch meltdown since he was the one responsible for all the dutch offense . while anybody would credit or not but absence of nigel de jong had too been one of the factors . now the dutch style of play had been long gone . to be honest from the days of van basten being incharge of the team the team had been playing on counter and it had been carried on by some individuals with inform players like sneijder ,van persie and robben so the style was long gone . the dutch playing the flowing passing game was all gone . here it was all dependent on the individual qualities of the players rather than the team playing and once the individuals were absent or on decline the teams fortune dwindled . in the last 10 years the dutch just looked at the results rather than the team play and that is why they find themselves in this situation .
now on tuesday netherlands played the czeck republic for a place in the uefa uero play off . now their fate wasnt in their hands and the result in the match between turkey vs iceland was also important . now this one match isnt the one that was real cause of dutch meltdown . to be honest when i watched the dutch play in this match then i thought that i was watching the irish play in dutch orange . they played the same long ball game that the irish were playing .
now lets start of the match . now let me clarify that i would be able to describe the czecks as clearly as i can with the dutch team . the reason being that i was watching the czecks the first or second team and the players in the czeck team ( except cech ) are not that much seen or dont play for big team . so for i cannot descirbe their game very precisely . now the dutch started the match with a 4-3-3 formation but it also had its loop holes . tete,bruma,van dijk and riedewald were the back four with danny blind in front of them . while sneijder was playing just ahead of blind but playing deep . weijnauldum was playing behind huntellar in the hole while depay and al gazi were on the wings . the dutch wanted to play a very open game and wanted to stretch their opponents . while on the other hands the czecks were very conservative they formed two banks of four when they lost the ball and attacked on the counter . the most surprising thing was the complete lack of style and the hurry that the dutch had on getting the ball forward and crossing it in the box or getting the ball towards czecks goal . now the dutch centrebacks were quite some time on the ball . now since blind and at times sneijder man marked out of the game huntellar tried to come deep and collect the ball and start the offense but he too was very much very well marked by the czeck players and was nullified . plus when you put the ball to centre forward then you need to have players around him to whom he can pass but huntellar wasnt couldnt do that and the dutch couldnt provide him the proper support . now the second point of attack was to pass the ball to depay or al gazi . now here lies the problem . they had time on the ball but they were just content on crossing the ball rather than trying to take the ball much deeper by passing the ball and have more penetration . the postions from where they crossed it could had been much more better and more deeper than the ones they crossed . they crossed from the edge of the box while they could had taken the ball much deeper or even tried to get themselves beyond huntelllar which sadly nobody tried . the dutch were just in  a hurry . they were just crossing the ball in the flurry . to be honest had it been the earlier dutch team then the wingers would had been patient they would had passed the ball far more times and would had tried to open the opponents with their passing  and movement which was very much lacking over here . plus i rarely saw a move which had more that  passes in the game and the dutch didnt shoot or crossed the ball .
now daley blind did realised that danny blind was getting man marked in the game and secondly huntellar didnt had any support around him . so he made the necessary change by bringing van persie in place of reidewald and getting support of hunellar . he brought weijnauldum deeper in support of sneijder who started to play in place of blind . after this the dutch  game just became  a long ball game and they just lobbed the ball on the heads of huntellar and van persie . the czecks were holding their last line just beyond the box and the dutch were determined to exploit this space but they never tried to out pass their opponents and the team looked devoid of direction and tactics . when van persie scored an own goal through header in the second half i stopped to watch the game and slept .
now in the opening 30 min what the czecks were doing what was that when they lost the ball they would form 2 banks of four and wait for the dutch to bring the ball forward . they man marked blind so that he cannot start the offense they were very much successful in marking him out of the game . now the dutch problem was that they were too much open both al gazi and depay were hugging the touch lines and were very high up the pitch while weijnauldum was just behind huntellar with sneijder joining them . so what it meant was that on the counter there wasnt enough protection for the dutch on the defense coupled with their individual errors which led them to being down 2 goals inside 30 min . another reason being that the czecks outplayed their opponents on the floor . they passed the ball better . they excelled in one on one situations and they had a better organisation than the dutch . all and all the dutch were outplayed and out muscled out of the game and the better side won .

Monday, 12 October 2015


now yesterday ireland poland in their home and this fixture was crucial for both as win for both teams  . it would had meant automatic qualification for both teams . now i am trying to do analysis in terms of ireland here . the reason being that i dont certain polish players so  i couldnt track their movements so i cannot form an accurate picture of the game but will try my best .
now yesterday ireland started the game with a 4-3-3 formation with poland doing the same . now there had been  some differences with ireland  in the game with germany and poland but the approach was the same . the reason i am writing  is that martin o niel is  incharge of this team for the last 20 games and he  cannot instill a style in this team . nor did i find any particular approach with which they were going to open up the opposition . the question with his team is always been whats next . who ever has the ball then he is faced with the dilema as to what to do next who is he going to pass the ball . yes they are playing long ball but it too requires some ball playing quality . yes the forward holds the ball or wins the first header and gets the ball for your team but what after that . whether you take it wide and whip a cross inside the box or do you pass the ball and combine to open opposition up . i certainly found ireland wanting . the only positives were some players who were comfortable over the ball and with their individual quality  but are unable to do the whole job unless they get the proper support from their team  .
now yesterday's game was very fast with teams trying to press each other very aggresively and trying to win the ball early and hit the opposition . both the teams approach was the same they were trying to find their forwards early . poland were trying to find lewandowski while ireland were trying to find long and continue from their on . for ireland walters was trying to get beyond long while for poland both wingers were getting beyond lewandowski depending upon the zone . both lewandowski and long were tightly marked by their opposite numbers . but the difference here was the balls that were passed to these forwards while long was contesting for all aerial duels . lewandowski on the other hand was passed floor balls and they were from some considerable less distance which too is a factor . the difference had been the supporting cast and the midfield and the forward line and its quality . poland's midfield were able to play some very good floor football and pass the ball in tight situations and were work out the zones . while for ireland as i had said earlier the questions was always there of whats next . lack of approach play was irelands weakest link .
poland started with a bit of a stutter but after 10 started to put the ball down and started to play with confidence . the reason was because of some individual were able to stamp their authority on the game . lewandowski and Krychowiak were able to stamp their authority on the game . just as leawandowski was getting influential in the final third Krychowiak was the reason for that . he was breaking all ireland's offense and starting the offense most importantly he was making very smart decisions on the ball . his passing was accurate and his support to the play was also very good . this is the kind of player that are wanted by premier league teams .
now as i had said that i had watched both ireland's game i was amazed at the players selection . why was wesley hoolahan dropped . he was the sole reason that ireland any kind of offense in the german game . i really dont understand what is the role of the midfielders in the team . first off atleast in this game oshea and keogh were coming out of the defense and marking lewandowski but in the german game they were not ready to come out of the defense . the midfield were chasing and were leaving a considerable space for the germans to explore . i would only find fault in the germans game that they were not able to explore that space between the lines . i was finding it hard to find what role jeff hendrick has in this team or is he just making numbers . clearly the irsih needs a better coach than matin o niel . 

Monday, 5 October 2015


now yesterday bayern played dortmund at home . bayern started with the 3-3-1-3  or you can say 3-4-3 formation while dortmund started with the 4-3-3 formation . bayern had martinez,boetang and alaba in the back three while alonso played in front of the back three . while thiago and lahm played on the left and right of alonso respectively . now why said 3-3-1-3 is because leawandowski was playing in more withdrawn role . muller was playing as the furtherst forward man while lewandowski was playing just behind muller . it has its own advantagous . the front three of bayern were muller with costa on left and gotze on the right .
dortmund started with the 4-3-3 formation with hummels and bender in the centre back role with sokratis on the right and Piszczek on the left . while the middle thee consist of gundogan,weigl and castro . the front three consist of mikhitarian,kagawa and abumeyang .
now bayern started the game with playing high line and pressing dortmund . now the first scarce of the game was to bayern when they survived the diagonal run from abumenyang who was released by mikhitarin behind the bayern back three . now both the teams played a high line to try and squeeze the game and press the opposition but the effectiveness that was there in bayern pressing was not there in dortmunds pressing . the reason being dortmund waited for bayern to bring the ball into midfield and then press . instead bayern ball got the ball quickly to costa and gotze and push dortmund back .now dortmund were playing a high line but as soon as gotze or costa got the ball they dropped back in the box and denied the space between back four and the goal keeper ( atleast they did this good . ) dortmunds shape to defend was actually very good where there was little space between the lines for munich to exploit . weigl and gundogan held very good position ahead of the back four so that there was little space for munich to work . there was space for munich on flanks for costa and gotze but dortmund didnt go chasing instead they let gotze and costa and come onto them and let them cross and defend rather than played around .
while dortmund had their own offense. they tried to play out from the back which is why bender was played in the back four with hummels because of his ball playing ability since bayern are doing the same as dortmund on defense . dortmund were trying to get the ball quickly to mikhitarian or abumeyang . either of them will try to release them behind the back three through diagonal balls .dortmund were nearly successfull  in that and alaba took the card to stop abumeyang . now the trouble with dortmund was that while bayern were able to bring all the elements into play dortmund were unable to bring castro and kagawas into play . whenever dortmund used to work the ball to abumeyang and mikhitarian who would get press eventually . they would pass the ball back but then dortmund were not able to work the ball to them and would eventually loosed possession . i had an obvious difficulty to work out as to what was castro's role in the team . i thought that the space that bayern offered in front of the back three will be exploited since it was only guarded by alonso and dortmund could drop somebody into that space and exploit .
now its very easy to criticize touchel but i think he has got a plan and now i think he has seen the flaws in it . mikhitarian and abumeyang are the two main players in his system and two were responsible in destroying leverkusen . touchel could be seen gesturing to the team to play diagonal ball and make diagonal runs . dortmund goal was the perfect example of the thing that was supposed to be done by dortmund and the way they passed the exploited the narrowness of bayern defense by stretching it and exploiting the space behind back three . now he obviously has to figure out as to how he fixes his flaws . dortmund suffered because they were not pressing that aggressively as bayern
were doing and touchel still has to work out as how his players will work out when  pressed and take their positons . the first goal came because dortmund played a high line and didnt press bayern that faster and dortmund were all over the place . muller first went wide for a decoy and made the diagonal run and the dortmund were open . two of the five goals came from balls from the back . the third goal came from a counter when dortmund lost possession and bayern turned it into a counter . to be honest dortmund were in the game till the half time but as soon as the third goal was scored i think dortmund just dropped the fight and accepted the fate and you could see them just giving up in the last 15 min .
the second half did showed as to how much gaurdiola thinks the game like chess just as dortmund the score and the space between the lines and mikhitarian come over there . he changed the system by dropping lahm as the right back and changing the system from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3 and giving ample protection at the back while getting more bodies in the middle by shifting thiago with alonso . thiago had a good personal duel with gundogan in the game and he was the one responsible largely to keep gundogan quite . this season bayern had become more direct with costa and gotze in recent matches . he has stopped tryning to outplay the oppisiton out of the game . instead it is much more direct now for bayern now . 

Sunday, 4 October 2015


now yesterday sevilla played barcelona at home . sevilla started with a 4-3-3 or even can say a 4-4-2 while barca started with their familiar with their familiar 4-3-3 formation . now thing with sevilla's formation is that vitolo played very high up the pitch but kept coming back to defend against his opposite number alaba so their can be flotation between 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 . either way who ever wants to take which formation is on his discretion .
now for sevilla Kolodzieczak and andronelli started as centrebacks with koke and Trémoulinas as the fullbacks . while nzonzi and Krychowiak were central midfield duo krohndelhi was on the left while vitolo was on the right . the forwards were iborra and grameiro . barca made changes following injuries . pique was joined by mathieu as the central defensive pair while alaba and roberto were the fullbacks . mascherano played in the midfield in front of the back four with busquestus on his left and rakitic on the right . while the front three consist of neymar,suarez and munir .
now the game started with a very good tempo and it continued till the end . now there had some change in the barca stratergy lately where on they seem to have turn the page and gone to take a leaf out of gaurdiola's era and start pressing . now there were some characteristics to barca's offense . whenever the ball was moved from right flank of barca then neymar would come inside and try to collect the ball in the middle while suarez will drop on the left trying to stretch the defense and in turn keep right back busy who's opposite number was neymar . what would do this was when suarez was moving in neymar's zone was that the right back couldnot move out of the defense to go with neymar and that would meant neymar was virtually free to collect the ball with no opposite number to mark him . suarez was trying to stretch the defense and which gave space for neymar to run into so that he  can create trouble which could be exploited. they did that very good in the first with barca having very good chances being created by neymar for suarez . on the 14 th min he tuened very nicely on nzonzi and Krychowiak and slip the ball who should had finished it . neymar was the total influence in the first half for barca . barca was having ample space to play because sevilla's front three were not coming back to defend so barca could stretch sevilla and they did that with space on both flanks . the middle line was getting too stretched and barca were taking full advantage of it . only their finishing was lacking .
now while barca were doing this sevilla were trying to hit barca on every counter and they were having quite the success in  it to cause problem's and the reason for that was gamiero and his hard running . now barca were playing high line which was leaving too much space behind to run . iborra was coming slightly deep and releasing gamiero in the space he would run the ball on either flanks and bring the midfield and wing backs into play who would come and join them on offense . secondly even though on defense krohn-delhi was playing as a left sided played on offense he was moving inside and playing behind the front three. he was quite effective and made very correct decision's on the ball and choosing correct player to pass the ball . him moving inside was confusing barca since they didnt know as to whether he would stay inside or again go wide in his natural positon to join TrĂ©moulinas. vitolo remaining high up the pitch means alaba was kept on his toes and was very cautious of his movement not let vitolo slip .
the main problem had been gamiero who was with running causing all sort of problems to barcelona . both of the sevilla's goal came on the counter and because of gamiero's running . now as soon sevilla scored the goal they started to play deep compared to what they had been playing . vitoloa who was moving high up the pitch joined his middle three to defend  the lead they had against barca .
in the second half barca tried to change things with maschrano went to his positon in the back four and barca went on the offensive and that was helped by sevilla's changes . sevilla bought llorente in place of iborra and reyes in place of gamiero and it handed the advantage to barca because they didnt had to worry about gamiero's running behind the defense anymore . plus llorente was very well handeled by pique who took upon himself to guard llorente . just as the minutes passed by sevilla became more and more compact and tried to defend the one goal lead .
barca lost the game not because they defended poorly but because they were unable to finish what was created . last but not the least but the ref was  stupid and i dont know how but how can he give TrĂ©moulinas penalty when he didnt even move the hand towards the ball . all a very good and open game .