Friday, 19 September 2014


i agree with cryuff on his assessment of both coaches in terms of offensive football and players better understanding of their positions on offense . now we have to consider cryuff personality because gaurdiola coaches similar kind of football what cryuff used to do . he too likes the team playing with flair but having said that you cannot just push mouriniho away . if teams like spain and germany won the type of football which gaurdiola then it cannot be denied that italy won the 2006 world cup because of their defensive ability . just as gaurdiola showed the beautiful side of the game mauriniho showed as to how even teams with lesser talented individuals can stop teams with abundance of talent . defense is should not be considered ugly it is  a test of man's skill,concentration, discipline and most importantly team work to stop opposition . just as gaurdiola's team displayed flair mouriniho's team showed discipline and team work which two are also the most important factors when you coach a team .
just as in chess  TAL  was known for his offense similarly TIGER PETROSIAN  was known for his defense ( although it was a bit different ) . just because cryuff said  that pep is better mou i wont take that . both are important for the game . it was mouriniho only who showed as to how you can counter against all demolishing team and win against team and that had helped the previous bayern team to win the european cup . so both are just two sides of a coin .