Thursday, 18 September 2014


for the first time i would say that you had made good observation and had perfectly summed up the game . but i would like to add as to what man city lacked and why could they pressed and what they need to do if they need to progress in the group .

now city moved the ball well but the one thing they lacked was pass and move . because what happened that the game slowed down a bit for city bayern could recuperate and get back players behind the ball and press and eventually regain possession . secondly city need to stop playing de mechelis . he is like an old fashioned english defender who like players coming on him and heading the ball rather than chasing them and closing them down . if you had seen carefully most if the diagonal runs that were made by bayern in the box were behind kompany . now kompany cannot defend that and needs his partner to cover that which de mechelis cannot since he is too slow ( that is why bayern let him go .) another thing is toure is becoming more of a liability to city than an asset . his indiscipline would had cost city he needs to be along side fernandiniho not treading upfield . when you cannot press successfully then you need to maintain the discipline this lack of discipline would cost city big time . i think casillas made the change at the hour mark and brought milner to partner fernadiniho when gaurdiola bought alaba in to the midifield .who was much more disciplined . what city needs is t hey need to players as well as the ball . city enjoyed the midfield but couldnt capitalise on it .had they moved and passed the ball better then they would had a better result .

i think in the first half bayerns idea was to play on flank and not go into midfield battle with city . that is why you could see gotze and benat were both on the right side while lahm was more on the right side than middle .
in the first half gaurdiola had conceded the midfield to city in the favour of playing on the flanks and trying to pull city in it . but initially as you had mentioned i think city had upper hand in then midfield but they failed to capitalise on it .they moved the ball better but the players movement wasnt that good . in the second half gaudiola changed the things and bought alaba in the midfield and bought benat in the back four . even though city countered that well with milner but milner has no quality over the ball compared to alaba,lahm and alonso .
most importantly they started to play through the middle rather than on flanks which they originally did in first half . alonso was tightly looked over by silva yesterday . he did quite a decent job on him .
i was disappointed with city's performance hope this serves as a lesson for them and pellegini gets his team to play better . cause roma wont be walk over and CSKA will definitely play negative now .